Monday, May 31, 2010

100 years

Thursday, May 27, 2010


photography by Santos "Sanquiao" Soriano

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bert Bilas

Bert Bilas in the 90's

Bert Bilas today

I have a friend whose name is Bert Bilas. I have known him during the second generation of my band called the Marginals when I replaced virtually everyone in the band in favor of new band members from my town. That meant that rehearsals would be easier since we lived in proximity with one another.

Anyway, Bert was a guy who had a regular job and he saved up for the thing that he really wanted in life... music. He is a composer and he sings his own compositions. He is married with a kid and I honestly believe that they meant the world to him. Even his guitar had a picture of his daughter.

Bert loved the world he lived in. He was essentially blessed and was quite happy about his accomplishments. Two albums released independently, a family and a job.

One day, he suffers a stroke (aneurysm) which left him paralyzed and immobile for some time. And since that fateful day, he has lost everything. His family, his job and his music.

Over the last several years, Bert is my regular house guest every Mondays... lately, he hasn't shown himself and I have no idea if he's okay. But he does that every once in a while and he turns out okay.

A few weeks back, I asked Bert to give me his old pictures during our days when we were musicians and he obliged. So I made this picture video so that the next time he visits, he'll see himself on screen, and hear his voice and feel his music...

Note: Bert's life is an example of "Bad things happening to good people.."

1996 drawings

I found some of my illustrations from 1996... most of these were commissioned works for books and materials for the Hanunuo Mangyan Foundation

Sunday, May 23, 2010

enjoying my sony alpha 230

ok, that's not my alpha 230, that's Kyo's Cannon

the Manila Film Center the day I returned from Cebu

sunset as viewed at the MFC

the contrast in colors just makes the over all picture perfect

with Sofitel on the foreground

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

left for dead...

The other night, seven of us went out to see shows so that we may check out the “show” scene in the Metro. We didn’t finish the presentations, we caught just the beginnings of each show and left early only feeling in the vibe of what they were.

The night was supposed to end with a renewed desire to make the Amazing Show better… well at least that was the idea. I doubled back to the office to change cars and found one of my managers at the bar alone… drinking his heart out. I joined him and asked what the matter was. I had a long conversation with him about how things are and how they ought to be and the difference between the two.

I understand his feelings because he is going through what I went through and still going through. Fortunately, these days I’d much rather not be emotional about my career, otherwise, I’d just freak out even more. I am however happy that people are still emotional about shop and that means we can still move forward.

Much like what he feels, I have been left for dead many times… and I have survived… one way or the other. He will too, I am quite sure inside this company or out, and so will I. The challenges that lay ahead are but the same that we’ve passed through over the nine years in this company. The same as what I’ve been through my own life… and it goes on and on and on… otherwise, life would be boring.

Monday, May 17, 2010

MVP Screen Golf Pictures

MVP Screen Golf and Driving Range is located at the Northern Side of the Manila Film Center, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Pasay City.

i missed golf

Long time, no field...

Friend and golf buddy P/SSupt. Mar Valerio, former Makati and Pasay City Chief of Police treated me to a game of golf at the Valley Golf and Country Club. I finally got to play in the field again.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've had a Bad Day!

the details of which I'd much rather keep to myself and hidden in a secret post in this blog... so punch the bag, work it out and sweat it out.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

on experts and specialists...

photo by kyo lee

Watching television the entire day, I feel happy and elated seeing a few of whom I considered as old friends on television. Most of these guys were really good to me when I was a nobody and I am happy that they have amounted to such "reputable" political analysts. Well, most of them anyway because I personally know their worth. (but then again, no one has the right to judge)

But one in particular, I really dislike because of the attitude he brings to his opinions. The all-knowing style of delivery as if he was St. Thomas Aquinas who knew God personally irks me, specially now having watched him in several programs and having missed all his "predictions". Okay, it doesn't irk me as much, it actually makes me smile a lot knowing how supposedly "educated" he is and how arrogant he has been and now knowing that he's probably sipping from the bottom of his shoe knowing how off he was in all those programs.

Mwahahahaaa... I'm just so happy I got out of that line of work a long time ago. I'm glad they thought that I wasn't good enough for them...

Monday, May 10, 2010

back on the saddle of pain...

The trip to Cebu allowed my body to take a break from the usual hour and a half work-outs I go through five days a week over the last three weeks and in all honesty, I missed the pain associated with it. So I took the opportunity yesterday being in the office to work out again but Gil Montano gave me a souped-up workout so as not to waste the three week schedule having missed out on six days of the program... and it was painful... but it was good pain.

the cebu trips...

the Chairman giving out his instructions

I flew to Cebu last Tuesday for a business meeting and ocular of a property we might be interested in. I drafted the initial possible lay-out of the facility and finally had the chance to take decent pictures of the performers as well as the show that night thanks to my new Sony Alpha 230.

The meetings I attended to were partially successful and I hope that everything would turn out fine. Otherwise, I would consider it a waste of "excitement" both from the Chairman and myself. I had to fly back to Manila Thursday late afternoon for another meeting and went back to Cebu last Saturday for an overnight trip.

SIDE STORY: most of our performers get around the island via motorcycles. one lead performer, Bong Quimosing had an accident the first night of my stay there and had first degree injuries. he had the accident exactly the same spot where our lighting director Andy Dionisio had his last year.

the Amazing Show Cebu family

it's all about our audience

the staff poses with me and the associate director for the camera

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

more pain pictures...

I was in the office yesterday despite my day off schedule so that I may have a word with the Chairman... In a while, I'll be flying off to Cebu for another site inspection. That means that I'll be missing gym workout for two days and that means I'll be missing the pain... but going to the Cebu branch is always beneficial for my health...