Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My GLOCK Madness

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome Blog!

or should I say, welcome back!

My last entry for this blog was June and that makes it almost 5 months or so ago...

I just woke up from a two hour nap after having slept in under 4 hours since yesterday because of work. We are currently in the process of ... 1) making a new show venue in Boracay Island, 2) making a new show venue here at the Manila Film Center to save on expenses and streamline our operational requirements and 3) the usual and annual beauty pageant which we've decided should be held in our new theatre in Lapu Lapu City in Cebu.

So I guess that we've been busy lately. But it does not mean that I wasn't able to document all of these activities. Facebook has been keeping me busy in the cyberspace world and it's quite difficult to maintain two sites at once.So most of everything that went on is there...

As for this blog site, I'm keeping it for the purpose of my rants, raves and commentaries  about everything and anything about my sad sorry ass life.

In brief, I could probably describe my past six months as "chaotic" but calm... I am generally happy these days. Despite the challenges of everyday life, I have managed to stay afloat and at peace with the world. I retook on my pistol shooting hobby and currently with a group called "Civilian Defensive Shooters Alliance" or CDSA and I am quite frankly at home with them. They've managed to convince me to change pistol platforms from my obsessiveness in favoring the 1911 to the Gaston Glock platform. And I am now a proud owner of a G17 USA Gen4 9mm pistol.

We've had major accomplishments this year despite this economy and I am looking forward to a brighter year come 2013. The losses are not as much as last year's although we can't really be happy with that and it seems that with all the busy and hectic lives we live, payback will soon be with us.

If I were to gripe... but then again I won't, since there hasn't been anything that I've not come through before... I really think that it's just one real silly cycle and that I am enjoying the current lull of the angst and leave things be. I may have been disappointed at some points, but then again I could have disappointed others as well. And if I did, I am truly sorry. For those who disappointed me, I wouldn't really care if you know or not... I'd leave that be -- peace!   :)