Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long time, no blog!

Yes it has been quite a while since I blogged except for the airsoft games that I have managed to edit for this blogspot. I guess that for a while getting shot at and shooting co-players became my therapy… and it was a good therapy given that it will probably spawn a new business venture for the corporation. Yup, the game that gave me “sanity” for quite sometime will become a minor business for us. Although I honestly doubt the earning potential of the business, there is the possibility that given the proper perspective and perhaps good people that will manage it, it could turn into something fruitful.

Someone once told me that I have a lot to be thankful for and I agreed. Indeed, I never thought that I would be where I am right now… or to the best of my knowledge no one ever did. Despite my constant raving and ranting about how things ought to be or how much I hated where I am, if I’d count my blessings based on the privileges I have, then indeed I am blessed. Of course, I wouldn’t want to simplify things as such or I’d probably end up being happy and content and therefore… mediocre. That would be a crime.

By September, my godson will be opening the second of its kind “screen golf” in the country or virtual golf. It’s right below my promenade office so I’d have access to a virtual 18-hole golf game perhaps anytime the facility is available. Whooaaa! That would be like a heavenly perk… In a month or so, I’d probably open an airsoft CQB (close quarter battle) facility under the building and would hope to attract airsoft enthusiasts from all over… double whoooaaa… I’d probably enjoy making videos of skirmishes between teams.

Within the year, I am hoping that we will be given the opportunity to attract more locators and investors into the building so that we will continue to exist as a business entity given that we are in the red as of the moment.

But I tend not to worry too much these days… last night, I had dinner with a long time friend and a father figure who is well accomplished in life and he mentioned that I looked less-haggard compared to the last time we’ve seen each other. I simply replied that it does not mean that I’ve ran out of gripes… I simply decided to lay low on gripes for the meantime… conserve my energies on more worthwhile things and simply enjoy the small pockets of happiness afforded to me by life.


If I were to gripe?.. I’d gripe about the fact that I have a busted
up rib after being pushed into the pool last Monday by a drunken fellow
executive who humiliated himself in front of many employees the entire
anniversary celebrations. What a f#&@*$ up piece of work.

My new staff that had a giant zest for reforms?... He went back
into his bad old ways…. It was the case of a short-lived zest.

What keeps me from griping this week? – all marketing activities were
approved by the Chairman… it’s a go! Time to level the playing field… it’ll entail more work, more time, more effort… but at least it’ll give this company a chance for a longer lease on life.

The new projects in Boracay island is a go and on the way, except for a
few glitches which I’ll have to iron out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

airsoft crazy!

my therapy! shoot and get shot at.

sick and tired?

sounds like an opening question for a vitamin supplement ad doesn't it?

i suppose that life isn't really meant to be as joyous as joy would go. i haven't blogged for the longest time perhaps because the feelings that linger in my heart right now is something that i wouldn't want to be as transparent as this blogspot was designed to be. but then again, if i wouldn't want to write about it then it defeats the purpose of this blogspot being my therapy.

over the last few weeks, i've done nothing much but feel myself spiraling downwards in a never ending pit of hopelessness over what to do with what i have and how to get what i want and how to do what needs to be done. -- damn, sounds like a perfect dilemma for a perfect screw up.

one of my managers came to my office the other day to discuss his vision about what the company is to be like... i was impressed... with such motivation, with such zest and gusto... i had it before but i've lost a lot of it because of the amount of chronic disappointments i've had over the past year.

i really just wanted to say, ... been there, done that, tried it, proposed it and it was turned down... but i wouldn't want to kill zest like that because i was impressed with the renewed attitude.

anyway, i'll need to shake off this rotten feeling to the core thing out of my system as soon as possible if i want to survive this career. problem is... do i even want to remain in this career? Time and again, i have already proven that kibun is too powerful an element to overcome in a korean company. and i guess that such is life... really!

for now, i guess that i'll have to seek other forms of therapy for my soul.