Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mica's Graduation Day

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everything Mica!

After having gone through hell over the last few months and being a selfish ass nursing my wounds, I've not posted much and spent enough time with my daughter. So I'm posting everything Mica today in celebration of her upcoming graduation tomorrow.

Yesterday she celebrated her batch's Baccalaureate Mass and it is a wonderful feeling for a parent seeing his daughter almost all grown up. She passed the De La Salle entrance exam, the only exam she took which we celebrated early this year. I feel guilty having to put her through a certain stage of uncertainty after I was betrayed by the company I loved and I sulked in my own state of uncertainty as she offered "other" options.

She was obviously trying to help me out and ease my apprehensions... that was my mistake. I'm sorry Mica, Daddy can be selfish sometimes. You do know how much I love you and that I'll try my best to be there for you... all the time.

Friday, March 11, 2011


When I was in my early teens, an uncle of mine took me for a ride on his ’67 Mustang as we were on our way for a funeral procession for an aunt who died. He told me that I am so much of a risk taker and that if I wanted to live a long life, then I should be like him… a coward.

Straight to the point he uttered the Filipino word for coward… Duwag! He said that practical men should be cowards so as not to put themselves and their families in harms’ way.

I lived my life in the exact opposite manner. I tried my best to be brave in my decisions in life, true to my convictions and courageous in front of all the challenges life threw my way. And believe me; life threw a bunch of them my way.

Life is such, I have always said. It is a cycle of different things. You have good times, you have bad… and sometimes, when it rains, it pours. When life takes a potshot at you, you either end up with a wound enough to keep you down and make you a coward or an injury survivable enough for you to recover… you’ll be back on your feet, you will be stronger, you will be better and you will be braver.

Bad things happen to good people. That’s what I’ve heard but I believe that worse things happen to bad people.