Sunday, July 27, 2008

my 2nd airsoft game

PAIN! getting hit through a relatively thin fabric hurts like hell. I got two marks on my left upper arm that's now black and blue almost a week from that day. But it was fun. It is fun to go back to your childhood "barilan" games, this time with the right gear and stuff. I don't think I'll be playing any golf soon. Airsoft is relatively cheap compared to golf and more adrenaline, too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my first airsoft game

it was fun... the adrenaline rush was great... to say the least.

i keep my gear in a sports bag in the office just in case i get a call from my friend that there's a game in the afternoon. this being the first, i didn't exactly know what to expect except that the same principles in CQB exercises applies. donning the gear was fun since i miss being in uniform. over all, it was a very good experience... i got one kill and 2 minutes later i got pelted on the face with about 20 rounds of bb's. yesterday, i got a call that there's another game but i unfortunately had to turn it down since i had a deadline.

special thanks to the Pasay City hall detachment friends for the game

Sunday, July 13, 2008


The last show of Amazing Show Boracay was jam packed with Amazing Family’s friends accumulated over the last year of our stay in this beautiful island. The show of course is the same as any of the shows we’ve done for the past year since we opened a theatre here, except that it was the last…

The night started with an opening number that had the main lead teary-eyed from the introduction of the song… the feeling was both festive and heavy at the same time as I watched the performers move about on stage and the crowd of around 300 people was swooned off their feet by a most heart-felt final performance. I captured everything on my camcorder and it would be well worth watching and posting on the tube.

I understand very well the feelings of the staff, production people and performers. This island has been home for them for the last year and they have made friends from the locals and the business establishments here… I guess that was why I saw a lot of the audience members crying during the show.

Credit is very much due to the performers since they extended the show further with a very touching closing number after which photos and videos were taken with friends.

I was advised earlier by the branch manager that I would be delivering a farewell speech, but halfway through the show I realized that it would be out of context delivering a speech to people that really don’t know me that well since I’ve spent a lot of time in the island only on special occasions. On the same note, I wouldn’t really want to spoil their moment by delivering a clinical speech since I’ve already made a company call earlier… and like I’ve said at the time, I would really miss shouting at the top of my lungs… AMAZING!!??... and a resounding response of… BORA!!!!

amazing show boracay family
amazing show boracay view from craftys rooftop bar
Amazing Show Boracay - Farewell...

Friday, July 11, 2008

closing shop

i've recently been to aklan on a one-day trip to spend the day with our employees there for some R&R on the mainland, then we went home to boracay for a staff dinner as i broke the news to everyone that we will be closing shop very soon.

today is that day and it feels kind of heavy... i'm packed and ready to go the airport for closing a branch which everyone worked hard for. but i guess that such is life. you can't win all battles and you certainly don't get to earn in all endeavors. but maybe, as luck would have it and like all my blessings, it is always in disguise...

this trip might very well be an adventure as there is much pressure to put up a new business in the island... well i am certainly hoping for that.

Golf Day @ TAT

This was on a Friday... a company sponsored golf day at TAT golf and country club in Laguna. It was sort of like a despedida for one of the executives who recently resigned. As usual, no one had decent sleep the night before because we were drinking.

Monday, July 7, 2008


my stress level has risen to new heights lately with both personal and family issues as well as the regular office hula-baloos. Tonight, I just wrote a five-page letter to my boss in response to a letter he has written addressed to all the managers. Of course, I'm pretty pissed off after having a meeting last night with the managers and I had to bring the feeling home...

The bright side of course is that in a stressful environment, one has to cope and as they say, get some "distraction" or simply stated... a life. These days I'm GEAR CRAZY. A friend of mine introduced me to a hobby that suits me just fine where one can manage stress by shooting at people and nursing pain afterwards. It's a hell of alot better than the usual CQB exercises where you aim at inanimate targets that don't shoot back. It also helps develop camaraderie and team play. It's airsoft. The gears, gadgets and the weapons are pretty expensive but the thrill and the adrenaline rush is worth it I hope. So the past two weeks, I've been collecting gear and enjoying it.
My wife took these photos the other day.

m4a1 carbine airsoft from vincent's hobby shop
philippine air force flight suit and field boots courtesy of my friends from the PAF
swat vest, helmet, knee pads, scarf and face mask also from Vincent's
gloves were a gift from a friend from the pnp
commissioned officer's field boots from the korean army, 2 units marui beretta 92F courtesy of
my adopted korean son fresh from military service
in the picture is my trusty .45 acp from charles daly