Friday, August 27, 2010

New Pasay Police Station Chief of Police

PSSupt. Napoleon L Cuaton

Pasay City Police Station has a new Officer-in-Charge, Chief of Police
PSSupt. Napoleon L Cuaton who was with the Aviation Security Group for quite some time. I attended the turn over ceremony this afternoon and took some photos because incidentally in haste, no one was there to take photos. Good thing I always bring my Sony Alpha230.

officers from the Pasay Police Station at the ceremony

Pasay City Mayor Tony Calixto welcoming the new COP

Southern Police District Chief Superintendent Jose Arne Delos Santos at the podium

left to right; PSSupt Evangelista, PSupt Ed Ferater, COP Cuaton, Mayor Calixto, General delos Santos and COP's father

Pasay PNP Officers had a chance to present some of their accomplishments to the Mayor as well as have a light moment with him

photos by casie villarosa

the BURDEN...

photography by KYO Lee

Dead End...

Dead Man Walking...

Nowhere to go but down...

These are the things that come to mind when I think about my career... or what I think of as career. If I had the sanity to do so or at least the willingness to do so, I'd be reassessing my career as to the possible paths to take so that I may re-enjoy a life of excitement, uncertainty, work and sanity. A life that would keep me on my toes and make me the wiz kid I once was.

Sad as it may sound, the partial success has not led me to happiness but rather it had made me stray of the path I wanted to accomplish. Quite recently, I was informed that my main function these days would be to lead a development team that would initiate new enterprises to enable this company to span our wings bigger and hopefully keep Amazing afloat for a longer period of time...

The effect of the information however, is something that I smirk upon these days knowing what I know and having gone through a lot of bad experiences over business development. Yes, it is so easy to point fingers and pass on the blame, plus charge my emotions to experience knowing that when things worsen, then I may have my time... once again.

When I wanted to be proactive, I indulged in making business proposals that would allow me to spin off to my interests and therefore give me the opportunity to enjoy and earn at the same time. All those things eventually led to the demise of those proposals because I got heckled in the middle of things that my intolerance got the better of me. (Wish I could spell it out but it will sound like I'm picking a fight)

So for the past months, I am working on something that I know can materialize by itself without picking on the already depleted resources of this company... and I know that it will work. I'd like to think so... But for now, everything else is a burden.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

when it rains... it definitely pours!

I miss my blog!

If I weren't so unlucky, remarkably cursed and ultimately doomed, then I would have had the chance to blog about snippets of happy moments that I've had the last two weeks.

Mondays are typically blog days, but last week was our anniversary outing and I was decked tired to blog... yesterday, as if on cue, there was a hostage crisis involving a bus load of tourists in Manila... Now that shook me a bit to the core because this company is all about tourists.

As they say, the string of bad luck has just begun.

Highlights of my week...

Dolreich & Angel Tonolete's Wedding Day

where I stood as principal sponsor...

Alamat's vocalist, Dolreich and wife Angel had a great wedding ceremony with friends and family. The reception was great with live entertainment and a good crowd. The pair looked wonderfully happy and it was indeed a joyous occasion... It was great to see two people in love finally tie the knot...

with the rest of Alamat outside of the church venue

inside the church waiting to be called...

nobody wanted to pair with me so I had to walk the aisle alone

the father of the bride giving her away

the happy couple

patience is a virtue...

finally some picture taking to commemorate the occasion

... and let's go whacky!

party time...

Amazing Show 9th year company anniversary...

On our 9th year and on a precarious rock, people nevertheless enjoyed the occasion with a lot of drinking and partying. I think only a few had the chance to get some shut eye. There were minor incidents with two couples and a minor accident involving a cut chin after slipping on the tiled floor.

It was absolutely tiring and yet fun!


top left clockwise; bikini open contestants, cheers!, skeleton man of the night, Ichang-Lena and Oso, more cheers and Kyo

pre-departure drinking, three group pics and a few solitary moments before everyone else arrived

JR gets some shut eye, the macho guys of Amazing, a scandal in the pool, elmir with wynel, Darwin's cut chin and the boys' human pyramid

underwater shots courtesy of Jake's camera; with top left to clockwise with Nap, Jake and Dandan

The deal that went way too sour...

The initial meeting I had in Cebu with the authorized person to sell the property went very well. We agreed on the price and all that was left was investigate the annotations on the title and to wait for the resolution of the case involving the property. Unfortunately, things went a little sour when the owner figured that he could get more than what he initially asked for leading me to make relations with him that will allow us to get the property for what we think is a reasonable price tag. He agreed in principle and gave us his word... That was before we had to go through all the tedious verification process.

I traveled to Cebu to finally clinch the deal together with our counsel and consultant and guess what...? The owner changes his mind once again but he couldn't tell me in person, so he had us fly to Cebu so that his authorized representative may tell us that he has already changed his mind! Meaning, he wanted 3.5M more than what was previously agreed upon... WTF???!!! He could have told me on the phone then I wouldn't have to spend 33K for the air tickets... It was distastefully coward of him.

But then again, I wouldn't blame him. If I was dealing with me too, I'd be too shy to turn me down for all the good relationship that I've established with him. Besides, it's business...

My High School friends visited me...

top left - clockwise, Dencio Mendiola, Bong Billones, group picture and Albert Austria

Dennis, Albert and HS best bud Bong comes over for a visit at my office late evening and we ended talking 'til after two. It was really good chatting with old friends again, although I knew that I would be up super early driving to Tagaytay for Mica's recollection...

Mica's High School class recollection

My daughter Mica is graduating next year and will be attending college next year. The school conducted a recollection both for the parents and the students. It was rather touching what she wrote me in reply to a letter I've written her before departing for Tagaytay. My daughter is indeed the best...

we took the opportunity to ride horses since we were already there...

Mica at the retreat/recollection center

my butt hurt like hell after an hour sitting on the horse's spine

sugar the horse had to go... damn, that was lot of piss

daddy and his children

it was a good day... if my driver wasn't absent, it would have been a great day... the drive home was punishing!

The down side?...

I've not had a driver for the last week because his daughter was hospitalized, plus I had a talk with my secretary for the less than promising performance she's had over her first month and a half with me...

I miss gym...

Sunday, August 8, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I got an invite to see the technical rehearsal of Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS at the Cultural Center of the Philippines so I had my admin director, our counselor and our consultant tag along. It was a good show and we enjoyed it... makes me want to go artsy fartsy but the feeling only lasted an hour after the show... hehehe.

So today, it's my family's turn to watch the real show and I'm hoping that it would inspire my daughter to go artsy fartsy as well...

Alamat - Panaginip

Ang bandang Alamat sa kanilang awiting Panaginip... idinirehe ni Casie Villarosa para sa Center for Philippine Arts and Cultural Entertainment Association, Inc. Ang bidyo na ito ay ginawa sa entablado ng Amazing Show sa Manila Film Center at ginampanan ng mga piling talento at mga kawani ng Amazing Show sa pangunguna ni Roel Ilagan bilang Amanag Hari, Jaytee Castro bilang Prinsesa Jeti at ni Ed Datuin bilang ala Max Alvarado daw. Ang koreograpiya ay ginawa ni Mark Anthony Agana at isinayaw ng mga kalalakihang tagapagtanghal ng Amazing Show.

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tumulong lalo na ang mga production assistants na nagbigay buhay sa set, kay Santi na kumuha rin ng bidyo at kay Jerry Santos na kumuha ng mga larawan.

the New Amazing Show Theme Video

Golf Day @ Villamor

Mica's 10101 - Fearless (reloaded)

Mica's Birthday Party with Friends

@ music bank, macapagal, pasay branch

Mica celebrated her 16th birthday with her friends with a lot of food and a lot of singing at Music Bank... we got a hefty discount and a lot of perks from her Ninong Chris who owns the place...

Cake was courtesy of Music Bank Big Boss Chris Park

Mica with her friends...

Mica's brother Kyo serves the cake

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chaddy's Birthday

Chaddy celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday, a day after my daughter Mica's birthday... he said that there was no celebration since he was already old so I just asked my SO to prepare ten bottles of brandy and a small cake. John also gave a cake.

the birthday boy won Php700 for getting a perfect score on the karaoke machine

cake-blowing ceremony

modeling while drinking

the MFC Bar at the Manila Film Center

the Amazing Boys


sing some more...

Amazing Theme Song Video - the making

Some photographs of the shoot we recently had for the Amazing Show Theme Video... photography by Joey dela Vega and Santos Soriano