Saturday, June 25, 2011

Learn to fly

Life is frightening... I realized it this year when you suddenly wake up and the life you lead is not yours. You've been cheated, lied to and betrayed! We must learn to fly...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lick your own wounds...

Growing up, I have never experienced my father laying a hand on me in anger. Despite the many stupid things I've done, he would much rather give me advise or chatter me up to get to the bottom of things.

There was this one time when I got into a fight. He wasn't angry at all because I fought, specially since I have already explained the nature of the conflict. He was more angry because I lost the Batangas fan blade he gave me for my birthday because it ran away together with the thigh it was stuck in. Two days later, I arrive from school and he was home with two pairs of boxing gloves prepared. Before the spar, he warned me that I was not allowed to hit him on the face because he was wearing glasses... But that was it, it was my punishment. I was beaten a bit black and blue but I threw in a few rib shots of my own that made him cringe. -- that was my father. Always fair, always brilliant, always fun.

Since I've lost my father at a young age, I've been a sucker for older, father figure bosses. Unfortunately, none of them really stepped up to the plate of expectations. Then I remembered that these guys are rich and are on top and therefore my father definitely did not have that "thing" they have... nor will they ever have the "thing" my father had... humanity.

Recently, I was made to feel that for all the atrocities received, all the sufferings endured and all the wounds afflicted, there will be no apology, there will be no remorse, there will be no public vindication. Lick your own wounds, stand up and solve my problems, because only you can.... you are only a hired help.

then I was reminded, my father has died and gone to heaven...

welcome to hell!

P.S. I drove to work with a blood glucose level of 369... the stress is wearing me down.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amazing Show History

It is 2011, it has been 10 years since we have built Amazing Show and has lasted more years than what most were not expecting. I am saddened because we are all supposedly happy for this year and yet most are not. We have had turbulent times before, but none as turbulent as we are at the present and the reasons are not clear.

Most of the people here are those without the institutional memory of how we came about and how we thrived and flourished over the years. I wanted to make a reunion of the original people who built this place and this company through sheer perseverance despite the odds we've encountered. I wanted a happy anniversary...

Chairman Lee Jong Hyun with then CCP President Nestor O. Jardin at the maiden presentation of Amazing Show in December of 2001

Mr. and Mrs. Lee singing at the Christmas party of 2002

Father and son addressing the employees / Christmas Party 2002

then Vice President Chris Park at the opening of the Amazing Show December 10, 2001
He would later be President of Amazing Show until he left for unknown reasons in 2003

then Construction Manager Iron Chang in 2001, he would move on to become Vice President and President until his resignation in 2008

then Finance Director Tony Kang in 2001. He moved on to become Vice President for Finance and later President of WOW Amazing Transport until his resignation in 2006

then Executive Director Eric Libramonte who had a short-lived career with the Amazing Show, present occupation unknown

it's me in 2001... Musical Director, later Music and Art Director, Technical Director, Executive Technical Director, Director, Executive Director, General Manager, Executive General Manager and Vice President from 2004 until my constructive (for unknown and unexplained reason) demotion last January to Grand Mama...

then choreographer Dong Cueto who would later become a long time Director of Amazing Show until his resignation in 2006. He presently works as a manager in a call center company

then choreographer Justin Nuñez who would later become one of the most innovative member of the core staff and would take on the helm of the Technical Direction of the Show until his resignation in 2008. He is presently working as a senior technical staff in a luxury cruise liner

then Philippine Traditional Dance choreographer Rick Gonzalo who had a semi-short stint with the Amazing Show would move on to become a professional theater facilitator but he was taken by Diabetes in 2008

then Costume Designer Jerome Buzeta who later moved on to become a student of fashion abroad and a successful designer

then make up artist Aiai Piano is now the make up artist of Vice Ganda

the original "core staff" as we were called by Chris Park. we were the ones who conceptualized and executed the whims of the producers usually from the basement of my home while drinking Emperador Brandy with Spanish bread as "pulutan"


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Babae daw sya... featuring my secretary

(Hindi ako bakla or I am not gay, I am a woman) subtitle

My secretary for her facebook picture poses


we had an ocular visit of possible locations for our 10th year company anniversary so here's some photos featuring our guide that day, our very own Belo Ann Francisco, Amazing Philippine Beauties crown holder for 2010...

BTW, I would like to acknowledge her family for the generous hospitality extended to our group and the very nice take out sweet treats we brought home.