Thursday, November 4, 2010

TV Patrol features Amazing Philipine Beauties 2010

Amazing Philippine Beauties 2010 search press conference at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel ans was covered by TV Patrol

ALAMAT concert DVD teaser

On Core Competencies and the lack thereof…

More than ten years ago, I had a boss who confronted me with this question… “Do you think you can do the things that you do (video production) without me?” Dumbfounded, I said that I could not if he doesn’t allow me to do so, but that I can if I wanted to.

In hindsight, I now know what he was at. He simply wanted to tell to me, as well as reassure his insecure self that he is the powerful one. People like such are usually the ones who have nothing to offer this beautiful planet but their unsolicited arrogance. They are usually without skill, without passion and without soul. Much like self-proclaimed “artists”, “managers”, etc. whose skill level is non-reflective of what they profess.

I only have a handful of people I personally know who is afflicted by this disease. Mostly from my past life who has catapulted me to become what I am. And I also have a few up and coming ones whom I know will allow me the opportunity to better myself in the near future.

Sad to say, one remains competitive only with competition. Without competition, why compete?

In my world, I believe that in–house competition is good to a certain extent. However, sometimes, it becomes an exercise in futility, a waste of precious energy and mostly a routine without effort. I mean for G’s sake, if I needed to compete then at least give me competition with the same skill level or higher. That is to make my effort worthwhile and the forthcoming victory celebration worthy of the tag.

Unfortunately, the competition becomes one-sided simply because the other thing most of these people have aside from their insecurities and arrogance is their money. Now you simply will find it hard to fight with that.

Now in the ideal world, if the playing fields were even, then we’d only be looking at core competencies… or the lack of it…

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

all souls' day 2010

mica at the memorial park

mica blackening the letters of lolo and lola's names

my parents

my family's relatives where i spent most of my all souls' days during my childhood together with my cousins

my uncles and aunts

it was a cold rainy night

which made miro hungry