Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the exodus begins

it is disheartening to see people go... specially those who have stayed with you and worked with you all these years. But like most things, there comes an end and a new beginning.Over the course of the years past, I have lost good friends and employees who has decided to take a better chance at life beyond what we've built together. I love those times when things were simpler and the treatment more human. I am happy for those who were able to find themselves successful in the outside.

But for those who are leaving with heavy hearts because they were wronged, my heart goes to you. I wish that I could have done something to ease the burden but I have yet to recover from being wronged myself. I will gather enough strength so that maybe someday I may right what was wrong, or maybe altogether just give up. I honestly don't see redemption in the near future. If patience is a virtue, then I have lost mine.

I just hope that they find peace and happiness...

Monday, April 18, 2011

of vultures and freeloaders

"I'm not dead yet"... says the man to the vulture who was frantically eying the man and the little possession he has left. "Could you please at least wait 'til I'm dead before you pick on my bones?", but the vulture, as his nature dictates does otherwise...

Some people are just to presumptuous I guess. Specially those who call themselves your friend... A few weeks ago, a friend borrows my golf set for a game... repeat, a game. And he used it like his own ever since without any further permission, not a word, nothing. The other day, the bag goes missing from my locker and I give him a call. That same night, I pull out my bag from the golf club... damn. WTF

Friday, April 8, 2011

the let down...

As life would have it, events turn and churn out chunks of good and bad things alike. In all of the time that I was suffering from disappointments with my career, my shoulder to lean on was a long time friend and co-founding member of this company with whom I have entrusted my rants and gripes. All that time, I felt sheltered believing that whatever was said was in confidence and if ever my rants and gripes were leaked, I was confident that the facts were not going to be twisted… it seems that they were.

This is the second time somebody who claims me to be their best friend has f*&#%$& me over and it is more disappointing than the first. Perhaps I am quite gullible when it comes to friendship… perhaps I am just too “good” for my own sake. I feel that at my age, I cannot reasonably change my personality to become as bad as they are and I will not.

Like I’ve always said; bad thing happen to good people… worse things happen to those who are bad.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

something inherently wrong

this picture was taken from my earlier post in this blog, the aggrieved did not file any complaints with PCP1 and so there was no case

I was eating with my friend in a Korean restaurant one morning when apparently he did not like what he heard from the other table, he all of a sudden started shouting at that group of Korean guys. He walks over, shouts some more and slaps around one guy as the others stood to aid their companion. In three swift counts, my friend was down and takes a knee, a foot and a fist on the face.

I had to stop everyone from further causing more damage, unaware of what started all that since they were all talking in Korean. It was a tense dramatic 20 or so minutes before the police officers I called in came and everything was settled.

Now that was the short version of the story... In between those tense moments, all I wanted was for everyone to stay put until the police arrives and matters be settled legally. Much to my dismay, I suffered injuries not from the guys whom I was preventing beating up my friend but from my friends who were all telling me that we should just leave as I refused and was adamant that we wait for the police.

Yesterday, as I watched the cctv footage of what transpired, it was clear that I did the right thing and reacted the right and proper way. And it was also clear, that it was my friend who was out of line.

This is the second incident I have been involved with, trying to stop Koreans from beating up each other. What I find inherently wrong is the fact that after such incidents, their tendencies are to run away ala gangster style... which is wrong!

If there is no complaint, there is no case. And that means they might settle it somewhere else... which is also wrong!

Miro's Graduation

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leyon Albeza's Photography

I met two talented photographers today and I had the weird experience of being a model for a while. They were really good! I couldn't bring out my Sony Alpha because it looked ridiculous beside their gears.