Sunday, May 19, 2013

With Facebook, who needs to blog?

 With Facebook, who needs to blog? I guess, I still do. I've got so many FB friends that I still feel it as inappropriate for me to gripe on my wall, despite, despite, despite. But maybe because I have been a lot happier and mentally stable lately since November when I posted last.

So many things have happened since those days. We've launched two more theaters since building a new theatre in Cebu, one in Boracay and one here in Manila where we made an annex theater at the back of the Manila Film Center.

We launched it a few weeks after a fire gutted my 2nd floor office at the main building... Just the other day, we were able to formally launch a new business intended to cater to the education sector where I am hoping that it would be enough to cover for the losses we've constantly had over the past five years of the Manila operation.

Last year, I was invited to join a gun club and I accepted their honorary membership. It was fun, although I knew for a fact that I was invited to provide legitimacy for the organization as it did not have the proper legal character, we ended up making another organization simply because the guy who ran it treated the organization as his personal cult.... so now I am with more headache than I deserve.

 But with all these, I think that things are gonna turn out well eventually. I have learned a lot from the experiences and I came out a better person.

If you feel good about something... then just push forward and do it!