Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The year that was …

2015… Oh damn. It all started rather sheepishly enough. My only worry at the time was not making the quota on my self-made business since the tragic accident of students the year before. It did not look bright at all.

The second of course was the state of my physical health that went rollercoaster the year before. Not that it had me worried though, I really don’t mind dying anyway. What was actually annoying was the pain that wasn’t even lethal to cause an early demise. It was just that, annoying!

I was however hoping that the New Year will usher in better things… fresh starts, new beginnings, renewed lust for life and relief from the regular pains of life. 

I got that and more… perhaps more than what I’ve bargained for.

So I learned this year a few more things that I thought I’ve known. I’ve learned that I should not over invest on any one thing… love, life, material shits, position etc. 

Over investment means a lot if you don’t have much to begin with. Or even if you do, the tendency will be to run down all that you have and be left with nothing. But then again, I’m not one who learns so fast and as the adage goes … So what?

So now it would seem that I’ve not learned so much this year… but then again, I know exactly what I’ve learned. And that is I will continue to invest… reinvest or even over invest on things that makes my life worthwhile. Sometimes I will be over frustrated, mildly frustrated, just a bit frustrated or not give a shit at all because that is who I am.

The lease on my life is short simply because my DNA says so. No amount of healthy living will extend it nor would I want it extended. 

This coming year I promise to love more and expect less, live more and hopefully be profoundly happier, give more and hope I did the right thing, but mostly strive to be a better person compared to the year that was… 

Always remember…. Leaders sacrifice…. Followers eat…. Morons think they are right….

Monday, June 15, 2015

winter is coming ...

That's how they express themselves North of Westeros... my all time favorite HBO series.

This means basically apprehension of the things to come, to expect uncertainty and could mean the likelihood of a gruesome end.

Well, it is that season of my life. WINTER IS COMING.