Friday, December 5, 2014

An insight on survival… and sustainability

Over the past several years, Amazing Show has been threatened by elements both designed and incidental to compromise our existence both as a family and as an institution. My institutional memory serves me well in knowing when and when not to worry about these elements.

When we made this theater way back, the plan was so ambitious that even I believed that there was only the slimmest of chances that we could pull this off and yet we did. Internal bickering, wannabe competitors and half-hearted stakeholders plagued our way in our path of sustainability. Threats real and virtual made us fearsome but nevertheless allowed us to be stronger as an entity.

Way back, I remember that I was offered a position in a competitor organization that made me cringe thinking of how it was too good to be true. And that was all it was… too good to be true. I remember that my reply to the offer was simply stating that if I sell myself, then I would just remain a commodity forever… someone who is for sale, someone who is up for grabs, someone waiting for the highest bid.

In hindsight, I am thankful of the choices I have made for they have proven themselves “proper”. The one who gave me the offer way back now lives in a heap of crap because he offered most everyone more than what he could give.

Several years ago, our most successful branch was challenged in a head on competition that led to the demise of the wannabe producer of shows. Two years later we are now once again being challenged by another and to that I say… Bring It On!!!

Although I recognize that this will bring a world of hurt to us, the challenge will allow us to better ourselves even further. We are not in our prime shape as of the moment making us vulnerable to such arrogant challenges and to this I say, neither are they.

Last I heard they have terminated the services of 20% of their workforce as did we last year on our 12th year. But come on… they’ve only operated a month or so…

A business is a business is a business… if you want to sink yourself into it then might as well sink on something you love. Might as well commit yourself to something you’re crazy about and for all intents and purposes might as well sink into something you know about… because otherwise you are in it for the wrong reasons.

To our Amazing Show Family… only WE can bring OURSELVES down. Competition can only threaten us. Our actions will ultimately decide our fate. Better ourselves and we shall once again taste the glory of what was once AMAZING!

For now, I will just be content watching the competition die a slow death.