Monday, June 30, 2008

only god knows why

from kid rock... my not so good cover. i just wanted to put together a video since i've not edited anything for quite a while.. this features my 4-year old son with footages from my daughter in Boracay.

hard to handle

fits the description of my life to a tee... jamming with black pipe at HOOTERS Sports Bar as usual on a tuesday night

GOLF again... I want to be good at it, but i can't

Last Year's golf game at the Riviera in Silang, Cavite with the entire corporation executives and managers... it felt like comedy golf and it was hilariously fun. Everybody, as usual was drunk the night before and did not have much sleep. the result? BLOOPER GOLF!

This one was just last week at the East Ridge Golf and Country Club in Binangonan, Rizal. I couldn't refuse the offer of playing for free... and matter of factly, i learned a lot that day... though the score remains dismal. I want to break a hundred in a decent course.

Friday, June 20, 2008

what am i to do?

it's actually a funny story... i am not in a particular mood today to blog a rant... since i feel jolly today after having slept decent last night. The day before yesterday, one of our Korean managers invited me to play golf at eastridge in Binangonan and since i haven't played for a while, I gladly obliged.

To say the least, he didn't trust me to keep the time since I have always been a night person. To say the least, I didn't trust myself to keep the time since I have always made it to early morning golf games by not sleeping the night before and that meant drinking until it was time to wake up... duh?

but the golf game is not the topic of this blog. it's what came after it... we were on our way back, I was dead tired and hungry when i got a call from a branch manager asking for help.. on something that i ordered the other managers a day befiore and those managers ordered him. Of course, he has no idea that the order came from me. Funny thing is that the other managers claimed the order i suppose. last night while i was sipping beer at the coffeeshop, one of the staff approached me that she needed help for an assignment that was given to her by one of my staff... i simply told her that i asked the manager for that.

i guess that this is the crazy part of working for this company... right now, there is no one higher than i am except for the chairman... but every time i give orders and the order is delegated, it seems to always go back to me.

hahahhaa... which reminds me, this is the best story yet... two years ago i gave the chairman a call and gave information on business opportunities inside our sphere of influence...

so the chairman informed his Korean lap dog to investigate, the lap dog calls me up and says that he has "information" which he allegedly got and he asked me if i could check it out... I simply told him that I was the source.

Stupid! I think that it is the only word applicable for people like him. But then again, I would much rather laugh out loud these days because feigning intelligence is such a daunting task for morons... and their very recent demise has proven that already... LOL

Thursday, June 5, 2008

the talents behind the curtain

as i dug up old mini dv tapes in the office in search of materials for a video project that the chairman needed, i came across a lot of tapes with footage from everywhere... boracay, cebu, manila... and i came across this one tape that my admin director used for a shoot we did last year of the cleopatra sequence for the new DVD. seems like he was taking behind the scene clips and i really appreciated the fact that i stumbled upon it...

for the past several months, i've ranted over a lot of management crap problems i have in the office and for the most part, it has eaten a substantial amount of effort and energy from my life. this clip simply reminds me that there is work to be done... more important than facing the challenges of expanding this business but keeping a family together. the men, women and those in-between (gender-wise) who has worked so vigorously for what we already have and working even harder to get to where we want to go... the technical team, engineering services, the production staff, the performers and of course the very talented managers of this company.

it has been quite hard for all of us... but i am sure that we will get through everything. that is so long as we enjoy what we do, then it wouldn't be called work. so to the Amazing Philippine Theatre Family... let's rock on!!!

my sonata's video story

i finally got around to it after i realized that my videocam's lcd monitor was in bad shape since i haven't used it for a long time. Equipment, like any other thing i guess is like that. they get rusted out when they are inactive. so i brought it out of its resting place and had a mini-shoot with my sonata. my best friend joey as usual took the video and took shots of the normal route.

i was preparing this video to get my angst out over the accident but i needed a happy ending which meant i needed a new car. when it finally came, i was too busy for it 'til now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the tale of the terrible sportsman

someone asked me one time during a drinking session after playing golf... "casie, what's your handicap?" I actually don't have any idea what the hell a handicap meant so I just answered unsure.... "I'm stupid...?"

for most golfers, the objective was to reach the hole with a minimum number of swings. for me, the objective is always to reach the "tea house" stop alive...

i'm a terrible golfer... i'm a terrible sportsman for that matter. when i was in school, the only game i ever enjoyed was "war ball". it's a game that is endemic to my alma mater, so that meant that a kumbento boy should know this game and at the minimum play it decent. that meant, catch a few, throw a few and take a few. (the objective of the game is to literally "hurt" your opponent using a soccer ball, i think they call it dodge ball anywhere else)

golf at splendido with office mates. (from left to right, the former company president, finance officer, the former consultant, my boss and myself)

shooting? well, that one i never treated as a sport. it's more like necessity and that meant that you have to be good at it or else taking a few means you die. but of course, the discipline involved in handling a weapon is equated with how responsible one should be.

anyway, i have a co-worker that excels fairly well in almost all the sports activity he gets involved in and i envy him. wish that i'd have the time one day to just play golf, run around in a shooting courses and have fun without worrying about how much is left in my wallet at the end of the day.

our team at the company's summer games...