Sunday, January 27, 2008

we are at it again...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So we finally staged the first ever Search for the Amazing Philippine Singing Star after a month long preparation consisting of back pains, labor pains, migraines, head explosions, temper testing days and a lot more...

So could we finally sleep? I don't think so. I think that we have just opened a pandora's box once again. But then again... yes, i could finally return to my blogspot.

Here are but some of the things I learned from this "wonderful" experience.

1. If a senior tells you that there is no problem with money... check the spelling and clarify. He could be talking about Manny, our production assistant or our former driver.

2. If a Korean tells you that there is no problem... there probably is. If there really wasn't any problem... they'll find a way to make one for you. or in this case, they made a lot for us.

3. Koreans don't know how to read. -- because I have submitted the proposal for this contest as early as October of last year and I dare say damn them all for making my life miserable by changing concepts in the middle of executing plans and operations.

4. Koreans are full of hot air = gas = fart. If they brag about the kind of best digital set-up they can bring in, they probably can't deliver. All promise... no delivery.

5. That there is a fancy title called "Over All Grand Director" or OAGD. Damn that's a new one... might as well be G-O-D. whose main function is to waste people's time, brag, and later fail at everything. Good thing my countrymen are smart and agile... saved the day.

6. That I will never work with them ever again.

I'm so sorry for stating "koreans", I am not speaking of them as a race, it just so happened that those that we have worked with were koreans and I'm sure that they did not represent their race the way they should.

The next Korean who will be part of this company will be the unluckiest of the lot. Simply because I vowed to myself that I shall never be polite to a Korean with a lower position than mine and that I will immediately warn and threaten him or her with physical pain if I feel the slightest sense of disrespect towards their pusajangnim. I am fed up and I am not cute anymore.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bayani!!!

Bayani Agbayani's Birthday Celebration was a welcome relief from this week's stress-loaded routine. With a singing contest being organized by our office and all the other side problems from regular work and assignments, attending a birthday party was not exactly part of my agenda. But since the invitation from Bayani came way advance of the event, I could not refuse. Besides, he's a good person to be with. A real guy. So, I did enjoy myself for the night. More jamming days to come my friend.

Nyoy Bolante on drums, Jeffrey Tam and Bayani Agbayani on vocals, Casie Villarosa and Brod Pit (Isko Salvador) on guitars, Gary Lim on percussion and shouting vocals doing an REM song "the one i love".

Nyoy Bolante and Casie Villarosa on guitars, Jeffrey Tam on percussion and Bayani Agbayani on vocals, Gary Lim on shouting vocals doing a classic Eagles song "Hotel California"