Saturday, March 22, 2008

playing with a live band

i love playing with other musicians... i love being in a band... i love singing with a band... that's why every chance i get, i jam to a live band. these days, i usually hang out with black pipe. since they are the official backing band for our singing contest, we get to see each other a lot... specially since the rehearsal studio is my office. so every now and then, i tag along their gigs and jam on stage with them... it keeps me young i guess and i reminisce a lot about having played on stage a long time ago... club dredd, mayrics...

so here are some videos of the present and some videos from the past...

casie villarosa with black pipe
live at yakitori japanese restaurant
matchbox 20 cover

casie villarosa with black pipe
live at yakitori japanese restaurant
joe jackson cover

the marginals
live at mayrics folk house (1994)
bob marley cover

the marginals
live at club dredd (1994)
the specials cover

nandito lang ako...

words and music by casie villarosa
sunset records limited

this song was the carrier single of an album of the same title finished in 2005, like my other songs, this is unreleased. the entire album was recorded straight to disk via cakewalk and the others in sony vegas. this entire album i plan to give to a band called BLACK PIPE. check out their blogsite at to see their practice version of the same song.

coming soon...

so after months and months of waiting for the insurance company to finally issue a check for me to be able to replace my hyundai sonata which was totally wrecked last december... it's coming soon... or so i hope!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

what if i did not have "music"?

If I didn't?

then I'd have freaked out more often than I already do...

sad to say, everyday, i feel overburdended by what has been happening to my life mostly on the professional side... which is about 90% of the entire thing i have.

so it's a good thing that i do have music as a part of my life. it keeps me balanced most of the time. it gives me a diversion not to think too much about the stress i go through everyday... and as well as not to think about those people where the stress originates from...

otherwise, i'd take up another hobby.

fast car (tracy chapman cover)

chasing the sun (the calling cover)