Saturday, June 23, 2007

the worst of the lot...

Just like sim games, life is affected by every action and every reaction we make... Like I always say... I am here to make friends, not enemies. As an off shoot of my "salisi"gang experience, a friend of mine, a high ranking police officer recommended that I file for formal charges and complaints at the local police station. There, I was entertained by an officer whom I have previously met through another officer who was relatively a close friend of mine. (I now remember that at that time, my friend spoke ill of this officer)

This officer later texted about business matters and that he needed help for his OSEC schooling. Last week, he gave me visit and I entertained three of them at our Korean Restaurant. Later he made an appointment to visit my office for business matters and asked if I wanted to go to _______, a massage parlor to which I declined and said that I would much rather go for a simple drink at the office.

I must admit that my first impression was very bad... but good natured as I am, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and that perhaps he was just in need of a friend for which I have been known to be a good one to have.

So the entire night was spent with him flattering me up and most of it flattering himself with his "accomplishments".... it was actually the most annoying night of my life so I just wanted to get it over with. And he is in my book, the most obnoxious person I've met so far.... but sensing that he wanted to paint the town red, and that getting as far away from him would be a distant reality if I did not oblige him, I had no real choice but to take him out for some R&R time.

But at a certain point in the night, the whiskey got to my brain stem and since I have my limitations as well... I blew a fuse...

and I guess that that is all I should say about that matter as of this time...

Sunday, June 17, 2007


It wasn't exactly what I expected...

or perhaps it was because I was there for business... but really this island is great. It is paradise, specially for those who can afford it. It was a great way to spend it for bonding sessions specially with my boss. In Manila, we rarely have the chance to talk casual over business and personal matters but this trip we did bond and I feel good.

Once again I feel alive, refreshed and significant once again with this new project. At least now I have something worthwhile to do.

To Boracay!

Casie Villarosa - You Won't Be There
written and performed by Casie Villarosa
from the album "Paalam" 2007
recorded at Sunset Records Ltd. Studios
video made in Boracay with under wate footages courtesy of Jack of Party House Dive Shop

Monday, June 4, 2007

the MARGINALS live @ club dredd 1994

the marginals - insecurities live @ club dredd 1994

the marginals - a song to the bourgeosie @ club dredd 1994

the marginals - longing live @ club dredd 1994

the MARGINALS live @ mayric's

Last Monday, exactly a week ago, Tony delivered on his promise to give the VHS transfer copy of our 1994 gig at Mayric's music House and Club Dredd. I was more than happy to receive it so that I may have it digitally transferred and posted in youtube for all the band members to see and enjoy. The VHS copy was in real bad shape so I had to have it cleaned up and I had to fix the audio. Internal Dynamic Microphones on older cams I guess were very different thirteen years ago and I guess that transfer from V8 to VHS took it's toll as well as the number of playbacks of the tape.

I had fun cutting up the tracks apart. I didn't really do much on the editing side since I wanted to see how we really were those days. This first batch of clips from Mayric's sounded really bad because as I heard it from the tape, I was running a fever due to a flu that day. We played back to back with Tropical Depression that day and I guess it made me realize why we really didn't make it in the business. --- we were just not that good. But it was fun and it was a part of our history as friends.

In this video, the MARGINALS were...

Casie Villarosa -- guitars / piano / vocals

Nelius Pepito -- lead guitars

Ronnie Manansala -- bass

Ric Vera -- drums

Tony Robles -- keyboards

It's a good thing indeed that I chose not to make a career out of music. Otherwise I would have had struggled my entire life....


(cover from the ventures)




(cover from joe jackson)